Mission Statement

Working together,in a positive,supportive relationship,which is open,honest and empathic.Through sharing,knowing and understanding your concerns,become empowered, once again, with solutions to make positive changes for your future happiness and wellbeing.’

‘From the present to the future via the past








 Help and support with agrophobia,annoyance,agony, apprehension, abuse, aches, addiction, beliefs, bullying,                 bitterness,blame, claustrophobia,confidence, contempt, dislikes,disgust, disappointments, depression, dismay, defeat, dejection, distress, dread, envy, embarrassment, fear,fury, fault, frustrations, goal setting, guilt, gloom, grief, habits, hostility, hate, hopelessness, hurt, homesick, IBS, image, irritance, isolation, insecurity, jealousy, jaded, out of kilter, loathing, loneliness, motivation, ME, misery, melancholy, nail biting, neglect, nervousness, overweight, phobias, pity,panic, qualms, quitter, rage, resentment, remorse, revulsion, rejection, regret, responsibility, self image, scorn, spite, suffering, shame, sadness, sorrow, thumbsucking, terror, tenseness, unhappiness, vengefulness, worry, excluded.


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Lakeland & Bay Therapy. 14 Hillcrest Dr, Slackhead, Beetham, Milnthorpe, Cumbria LA7 7BB
Tel: 015395 65893
Email: info@lakelandandbaytherapy.co.uk
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