Psychotherapy assists and enables you to emerge from the present by making positive changes for the future,to achieve goals and realise your dreams.As the therapist/counsellor my role is to understand your presenting issues,explore the past with you and enable you to map out a brighter,more positive future for yourself.


* Personalised  approach baed on client's learning pattern

* Agreed appropriate pathways

* Integrative approaches

* Person Centred Counselling

* Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

* Empathic

* Client has the central voice

* Work  on presenting issues

* Based on mapping out the past

* Visualisation

* Develop strategies for a healthier future

* Create positive changes

* Develop a greater personal understanding.



Neuro Linguistic Programming

 NLP is a solution based approach which works with the art and science of communication. It is the study of the difference that makes the difference.It is based on the principle that all human behaviour has a structure and that this structure can be identified,learned and adapted to create specific outcomes. Specific tools can be used to motivate, imspire and help others to learn,set true goals, improve performance, change beliefs, resolve phobias, strengthen relationships, resolve conflict, break unwanted habits and enjoy more and better choices.

 A range of tools and techniques to provide solutions for the following unhelpful situations

* Unwanted behaviours, symptoms or habits

* Unwanted negative memories

* Conflicts

* Next Step Uncertainties

* Limiting beliefs

* Anxiety, stress, fear or phobia

* Lacking  confidence/motivation

* Poor relationships

* Stress reduction

* Internal conflictsof values/beliefs

* Weight loss/smoking cessation

* Mild anxiety in specific context

* Personal breakthrough

* Stuck thinking

* Exploring goals






‘From the present to the future via the past

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